Digital November 2022 at the French Institute of Estonia

In November, the French Institute of Estonia celebrates Digital Innovation and we have loads of surprises for you!

👓 Support entrepreneurship ideas from women refugees through the Hackathon organized by Garage 48.

🎮 Come and learn about ways to protect the history of video games with Laurent Duplouy and Camille Laurelli at Mektory Center on the 11th of November at 10:30.

🤖 Come and learn about robotics in industry with Ahmed Chemori on the 25th of November at 10:30 at Mektory Center.

🐢Swim with an underwater robot at Kalev Spa on the 26th of November.

🎨Learn about Ethics in Digital Design with our end-of-the-month masterclass.

✨Discover the world of AI and new technologies through our November podcast.

🎶And to finish of the month, dance to the sound of Le minet Ocre at EKKM on the 2nd of December from 20:00 to 22:00.

Stay tuned on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for more info on our events, and hop along on this exciting month ✨!


Digital november program

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