Meet our teachers

All our academic staff are well-qualified to teach French as a Foreign Language and are much liked by their students. As a result the French Institute is a centre of excellence for French language teaching.

Our teachers have advanced French language teaching qualifications and many have Masters degrees in teaching and language-related subjects. From this you have a guarantee that your French teacher is a very good teacher!

Elodie Billaud – Université Blaise Pascal, MA degree in Didactics of Foreign Language (French), DELF examiner

Tiina Veikat – Tallinna Ülikool, Université Paul Valéry, MA degree in French Philology 

Tiina Alep – Tartu Ülikool, MA degree in French Philology, DELF examiner

Rafael Stuhrenberg – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, MA degree in Human Science studies (French as a foreign language teacher)

Anu Arumäe – Tartu Ülikool, MA degree in French Philology

Nathalie Populus – Université de Nice Sophia – Antipolis, MA degree in Didactics of Foreign Language (French)

Liivi Laurent-Calluaud – Tallinna Ülikool, Université de Tours François Rabelais, BA degree in French Philology, currently finishing MA degree in andragogy 

Géraldine Casanova – Université Paris-Sorbonne, BA degree in French Litterature, Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia, MA degree in Music, DELF/DALF examiner

Piret Kanne – Tartu Ülikool, Ma degree in French Philology, Université de Caen Normandie, diploma of French Teacher, Tallinna Ülikool, MA degree in Education Management, DELF/DALF examinators instructor.

Meeli Vilukas – Tartu Ülikool, BA German and French Philology, DELF examinator, currently finishing MA degree in Foreign Language teaching


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