The French Institute is the official exam center in Estonia as regards certifications in French as a foreign language (diplomas and tests). 

These certifications enable you to gain formal recognition of your skills in French, from beginners to advanced levels.

Our certifications follow the Common European Framework guidelines (CEFR), that divide learners into six levels, and applies to all age groups and all types of public.

The CEFR is now widely used and to make it easier for educational institutions and employers to evaluate the language qualifications of candidates to education admission or employment.


Would you like your talents in French to finally gain official recognition ?

Then why not have a go at DELF and DALF ?

The DELF  and DALF are French proficiency certifications for non-native speakers of French awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

DELF stands for : Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française

DALF : Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française

These 2 diplomas are proficiency exams valid worldwide, for life !

The DELF and DALF are composed of 6 seperate diplomas, according to the language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

And by the way, the Lucky ones who have passed the DALF exam (C1 or C2) do not need to take any language tests to enter French universities!

So do not miss the dates :

  • 12 November the DELF junior exam levels A1-B2
  • 12 November the DALF exam levels C1-C2 (session for all ages)
  • 19 November the DELF tout public exam levels A1-B2 (session for all ages)

Registration for the exams is open from 13 September to 31 October 2021.



Our students get a 10% discount on registration fees !

You want to know more ?

DELF A1 :  80–100hrs of lessons / beginners / test duration 1h20min + oral exam / fee: 57€

DELF A2 : 100–200hrs of lessons /  intermediate level / test duration 1h40min + oral exam / fee: 64€

DELF B1 : 250–400 hrs lessons / upper intermediate / test duration 1h55min + oral exam / fee: 72€

DELF B2 : 450–600hrs / advanced / 2h30min + oral exam / fee: 90€

DALF C1 : 650–800hrs / autonomy level / 4h + oral exam / fee: 125€

DALF C2 : 850 + hrs / proficiency / 3h30min + oral exam / fee: 125€


For more information, check the CIEP official website.

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