Traveling exhibitions

The French Institute provides informative traveling exhibitions and educational resources that enhance awareness about a variety of subjects. These exhibitions engage diverse audiences of all ages.  They are made available free of charge to public institutions and schools.

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Following is the list of our traveling exhibits :

The DS, a popular car 4 flexible panels 84*118 french
Energy and Universe 16 plastic flexible panels 65*105 english
Maths in daily life 12 rigid panels 45*59,5 english
Forest, a living community 20 posters 58*80 french
Oceans and Climate 16 flexible panels 80*200 french or english
Biodiversity and evolution 19 plastic flexible panels 66.5*100 french / english
Biodiversity: everything is alive, everything is connected 21 posters 58*80 french
Submarine archeology and robotics 13 aluminium rigid panels 80*120 estonian
Digital exhibition “14-18” 13 posters 90*140 french / german / english / spanish
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