Digital Crossroads | Online program to access French digital creation [FREE]

Registration before April 25th | The Institut français develops Digital Crossroads program, specifically designed to offer foreign professionals who are influential in their fields a better understanding of the French arts scene. In 2021, the Institut français seeks new ways to encourage the dialogue between professionals across the world.


Digital Crossroads is a new online program which address professionals of the digital creation field internationally. It includes a year-round program (May 2021 – October 2021) of professional gatherings and constitutes an invitation to discover the richness of the French digital creation ecosystem by participating in major French events and professional meetings online.

This program is proposed in collaboration with French digital creation events and festivals, in the fields of immersive realities, media arts, digital mediation and cultural innovation : Les Ailleurs – The Elsewheres, Museum Connections, NewImages, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, PiXii, Recto VRso/Laval Virtual, Cannes XR, Scopitone… 

The Digital Crossroads program intends to promote the French digital creation and offers to put international professionals in contact with their French counterparts, in order to encourage bilateral collaborations, to spur the development of coproductions, to facilitate the export of French works and savoir-faire internationally and to enable these industries to access new international markets.

During the course of this program, participants are invited to attend online a series of French events which place digital cultures at the heart of their programming. They will also be offered the opportunity to meet individually with the French key actors of the French digital creation (artists, producers, broadcasters, festivals and cultural venues directors, etc.) thanks to one-to-one meetings.


The Digital Crossroads program addresses first the professionals of the digital creation field, currently working for established cultural institutions renowned in international networks.

Priority will be given to professionals seeking to further their knowledge of the French cultural and artistic scene, who are in capacity to invite international artists in their institution’s programming and those who seek to strengthen long term collaborations with French venues and artists.

Profiles of professionals addressed by this program include the following:

  • Directors and curators of cultural institutions, museums, art centers, art galleries…
  • Directors and programmers of festivals and large-scale public events which place a strong emphasis on digital creation contents (i.e “White Nights” events, etc.)
  • Producers seeking for international coproduction opportunities
  • Public policy makers in charge of cultural and touristic urban facilities which include a strong digital creation component
  • Distributors / editors / managers of digital creation catalogues (media arts, video games, XR…)
  • Representatives of higher education institutions or universities which include media arts and digital creation curricula


The Digital Crossroads participants will be able to access online to :

  • Partner festivals and events, with exclusive contents and VIP events
  • A diversity of resources presenting the French works: artists portfolios, interviews, virtual tours and online experiences
  • A broad list of contacts gathering French and international professionals who evolve in the field of digital creation
  • An online platform to exchange directly and organize one-to-one meetings.

The program is based on an à la carte proposition, where participants can register to attend all or part of the proposed sequences, according to their areas of interest and availabilities.

NB : Participants who will be in capacity to travel to France for in-person attendance to the events will be offered special participation conditions and assistance in the planning of their trip.


Professionals interested in joining the program are invited to submit a participation request on the dedicated event platform prior to April 25th, 2021 :

Access to certain events of the Digital Crossroads programs may be limited according to ticket availability. The selection will be made by the Institut français in Paris, the French cultural network abroad and their partners.

All the information pertaining to the program will be regularly updated.

For questions pertaining to the online registration please contact:

To register for the program :

  • Step 1 : Please register on the dedicated Digital Crossroads platform (registration button hereunder).
  • Step 2 : At the end of the registration process, you will be required to create an account on the platform. Please confirm the creation of your account upon receipt of the automatic email.

– Once your registration is confirmed by the Institut français, you will receive an email notification. You will then be able to discover the Digital Crossroads program, the events and contents included and start exchanging online in the dedicated “Networking” section!

– The program will begin in May 2021, however, you may already discover the first contents available and start exchanging as of today.



Scopitone Festival
PiXii Festival
Pixii Festival
Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Annecy Film Festival
Cannes XR
Cannes XR
NewImages Festival
NewImages Festival 2021
Museum Connections
Museum Conections
Recto VRso/Laval Virtual
Recto VRso
Les Ailleurs – The Elsewheres
Les Ailleurs
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