Caravan Palace, surprising, a crazy, out of control band !

Surprising, crazy and out of control ! This is how is often described Caravan Palace.

Surprising first because of the success the band meets. They come from France but their first eponym album Caravan Palace was, thanks to the internet, mostly listened to beyond frontiers, in particular in the USA where the band has nowadays more supports than anywhere else. For example, 46% of theirs youtube viewers are American and only…  6% French.

Crazy because of their extraordinary amount of work. They keep up producing themselves on stage at an incredible pace. They realised more than a hundred performances in less than a year when their second album, Panic (2012), was released.  And cosmopolitan too ! Theirs shows run as well in the fancy viennese club Jazz as they do in front of the wild and gigantic crowds of american techno festivals.

Finally, this band feels out of control because of its style : the famous “electro-swing”, a kind of synthetic jazz which keeps you dancing the floor. Today, after the release of their third album, Caravan Palace frees itself, goes faster and pushes the limits of its inspiration to keep up with their sole and unique purpose : to make the planet dances, without frontier.

If you haven’t already, don’t wait anymore to listen to their music and discover them on Culturethèque.

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