Plan for the French language and multilingualism

From January 26 to March 20, 2018, French-speakers and Francophiles from all around the world shared their ideas to promote French language and multilingualism, on the digital platform "Mon idée pour le français" set up by the French Institute. But what is the outcome of this citizen consultation?

My Idea for the French Language (Mon idée pour le français)

Announced by the President of the French Republic during his New Year greetings to the diplomatic corps, the opening of the digital platform monideepourlefranç in January 26, 2018, has already been the subject of a previous article on our blog (on the French version).

Implemented by the French Institute, at Emmanuel Macron’s request, “Mon idée pour le français” (literally “My Idea for the French language”) is a worldwide public consultation. It has served to collect ideas and proposals from all over the world on the use of the French language and multilingualism.

On February 14 and 15, the International Conference for the French language and multilingualism in the world, organized in Paris, involved almost 400 intellectuals, academics, artists, political figures and heads of companies. The French Institute of Estonia was represented during these two days of exchanges by its French language Cooperation Officer.

The online consultation was open to French-speakers and Francophiles from around the world until March 20, the International Day of Francophonie (the French-speaking world). The contributors, who came from 125 different countries, have submitted more than 5200 ideas on the platform!

Emmanuel Macron’s ambition for the French language and multilingualism

The online consultation had two main objectives :

  • to involve all actors which participate in promoting the French language abroad (schools, cultural institutes or alliances) ;
  • to collect concrete ideas to modernize the use of French and to promote multilingualism worldwide.

These two objectives have been achieved, and the best ideas were included in the final report. On March 20, French president Emmanuel Macron presented his Plan for the French language in a speech pronounced at the Institut de France, before the members of the French Academy.

The ideas submitted on the online platform and the discussions of the international conference were very useful to consolidate the plan “An ambition for the French language and multilingualism” that the French president wants to implement this year.

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